College Dose Talks With Americas Hottest Comedian Steve Simeone


Steve Simeone (@SteveSimeone) has been working on his comedy craft in Hollywood for years and recently his comedy career exploded in the form of his Billboard and iTunes chart topping album “Remember This” We recently interviewed Steve while he was on his way to the Comedy Store in Hollywood.

CD: Do you talk about College while you’re on stage?

“Yeah, I talk about how difficult it was and how it’s really just a four year long going away party for your childhood”

CD: Whats it like being at the top of the Billboard and iTunes Comedy charts?

” It’s awesome, surprising,super cool, shocking, The Billboard guy just hit me up saying “you’re going to be in the top 5 of the Billboard charts, send me any information” It was weird having the guy just hit me up like that on Facebook. But I really appreciate all the love from everybody, it’s been super cool”

CD: Any advice for a Senior in his or her last year of College?

“Don’t put to much pressure on yourself especially in the beginning. Just figure out what your calling is, your purpose is. Don’t worry about your salary right now, you’ll get stuck in a job you don’t like if you do. Sometimes the best jobs don’t pay enough but are still rewarding. I’m not saying starve yourself i’m just saying don’t always worry about money so much”

You can find out more about Steve and his upcoming shows at his site and you can buy Steve’s hit comedy album on iTunes right here!


You can also subscribe to his hilarious weekly podcast “Good Times” about being a kid and growing up right here. The show centers around the guests best stories about growing up. Guest range from professional wrestlers to comedians and authors.

Check out a clip of Steve’s stand up now!

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