Shannon Ihrke – St. Cloud State University

Name: Shannon Ihrke
Age: 24
Current City: Chicago
School: St. Cloud State University in St.Cloud, MN
Height: 5’8
Weight: 120
Measurements: 32-23-34
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Here is our interview with Shannon
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CD: Where are you originally from?

Walker, Minnesota.

CD: Which school do/did you attend??

St.Cloud State University – Go Huskies!

CD: What do you like the most at the St. Cloud State?

I loved living on campus and enjoying my freshman year to the fullest! I had a group of about 8 girlfriends and we were like a package-deal, we all we went everywhere together so naturally, we got invited to a lot of great parties.

CD: Sorority life?

Frats and Sororities weren’t a big thing at my school whatsoever.

CD: What is/was your major?


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CD: What was your favorite class?

The classes that dealt directly with my major, business-orientated classes were my favorite and I actually had one legal class that I really enjoyed as well.

CD: What do you want to be when you “grow up?”

I still don’t know, maybe an astronaut 😉 Actually, right now I work for a radio station and I found that I like being a voice as much as I like being in front of the camera.

CD: How would you describe yourself? Geek, homebody or party girl?

Geek, homebody or party girl? I’m definitely a tomboy. I
really enjoy modeling, since that is my full-time job, but I love going to sports events, comedy
shows, fishing, camping, and just being active.

CD: Any wild stories?

I can put a pretty crazy party together from time to time. I once threw a party at my friends townhouse sophomore year in college and got my a DJ booth set up in the place AND got Rockstar Energy Drink to sponsor the party just so I didn’t have to buy any drink mixers! Broke college students can get pretty creative!

CD: What was your favorite late night study snack?

Buttered popcorn!

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CD: What was the craziest thing you have done in college?

My college experience was just one big blur of craziness!

CD: Did you ever have a crush on on of your professors?

No, I always ended up with the really, REALLY old professors.

CD: What do you usually wear to bed?

A tank top and booty shorts.

CD: What would we be surprised to know about you?

I did so well in my public speaking class freshmen year that I actually helped TEACH the class the next year as a sophomore! I thought it was pretty amazing to have my own students and grade other student’s homework and public speaking skills!


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