SF Police Target Escorts on Well Known Advertisement Website With the Universal Escort “SLANG”

By Bustin Bieber | www.CollegeDose.com
PUBLISHED: February 6, 2018 at 7:24 pm

San Francisco Human Trafficking Unit launched a new campaign to target girls advertising their “SERVICES” on well known sites used by escorts by having the universally used “Escort Slang” to set appointments such as time, services and price.

    Slang of Services

hangout = have sex
dollars = roses
donation = amount per hour
incall = escorts host the date
outcall = escort goes to clients house or hotel
menu = services performed
bb = bare back (no condom)
greek = anal sex
bbbj = bare back bj (no condom blowjob)

If you have ever been on the site and happened to text one of them (umm it was for this story 😉 you most likely were asked “Are you a cop or affiliated with any type of law enforcement”. I guess they believe that If a cop was asked this he would have to say yes or it wouldn’t be admissible. Well unlucky for the iphone generation who don’t watch reality shows like COPS or movies like Donnie Brasco, or ever heard of the term “UNDERCOVER COP”. Unless I’m mistaken when a cop infiltrates a gang like the MOB they are more like asked that question. After all they are WISE GUYS they are trying to join. There wouldn’t be an undercover cop to testify and bust them if he said yes.

So, I guess the old ways are dead. But I have to ask, Who is dumb enough to think just cause you change the word that everyone knows means what they are truly referring to then how are the cops not going to know that roses means money? It doesn’t matter what you call it, it really comes down to the ACTION that is the crime. Cause anyone can agree to do something, but they are innocent until a crime is committed. But the iphone generation missed Pretty Woman to. Or they would have notice that after they had agreed to a set price and time before he got to her hotel room, no talk of the exchange about the roses I mean cash were discussed with both knowing they agreed to a price that after their “hangout” was over. He left her a gift of $1000. I guess it was her birthday or something? I guess they are serious about non-profit businesses that take donations need to account for that if it is proven they actually did work for that donation. OPPS..

Well here is my suggestion. USE NEW CODES to agree on time and price. Don’t be an automated robot and cut and paste the same one every girl does every time. Don’t talk like a robot, Act like you are a human and it isn’t a business transaction but you are into the guy. Because if you have sex without any exchange before but excepts after no crime was committed. Because they did the act before commingling the crime. The act of 2 people agree to have sex is now ok to do now according to Catholic law but all girls are evil and whores who do. Unless you’re a overweight ugly girl who is lucky enough to find someone in months.. but if she was thin and hot her religion and beliefs would change in a heartbeat.

So, no overly used slang words that everyone knows. Talk about something real or trending topic but overly hint about it. Talk indirectly about something else you are paying for for a service so that she knows what you mean. And know that it is dumb, unattractive and boner killer when you are asked immediately if you have the money (when 20 mins ago you told her you did but she didn’t believe a word you said and couldn’t wait to say hi how are you and grills you like you gonna run off) and “give it here its mine”. thinking that after being asked and shown the money that if she didn’t snag it now he would forget or break the agreement and take the money. Hmm i’m sure that if most guys if they really wanted the money back they could easily over power the girl and take it.

So ladies know that if you make an agreement and want this guy to look at it as a really enjoyable experience? Then pretend to care more about him than the money. Text back and get explicit. Cause asking a girl “Do you like to get fucked in the ass” isn’t against the law, but “do you do greek” is now. Why couldn’t someone just really look at the big picture and say “Damn, wth am I thinking” Why do I snap at a guy who asked a sexual question when YOU ARE SELLING SEX. Uptight B*TCHING, making it all about money and a business transaction when he walks in the door and revamp the hustle.. Don’t ‘worry I already started it 🙂

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