Real or Fake? Colorado Cops Caught Smoking Weed While In Uniform

Real or Fake? Colorado Cops Caught Smoking Weed While In Uniform


A viral video that seems to show two police officers in full uniform smoking a joint has many people wondering if the whole thing is simply a prank. While the video was filmed in Colorado, where marijuana is legal for recreational usage, the officers could potentially face punishment for toking up in a public area.

In the above video, an officer can be seen sitting in a squad cruiser smoking a joint when another cop approaches. “Hey, let me get a hit on that thing with you,” the cop says, reaching for the lit joint.

“Awww, shit!” the cameraman says as the cop puts the joint up to his lip and inhales deeply, exclaiming: “Some good shit.”

Although the cruiser appears to have its emergency lights on, suggesting that it is a real cop car, many viewers have insisted that the video merely shows two people dressed up as police officers as part of a joke. Colorado cops are not allowed to use cannabis on the job and face punishments similar to those for officers who consume alcohol while working.

Others have called for the video to be taken down just in case the 420-friendly police officers are actually real. “Pretty sure they aren’t allowed to smoke on the job, just like they aren’t allowed to drink on the job. If you really think these guys are cool I would take the video down, because it could likely get the fired,” one commenter suggested.

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