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Kristy Jessica
Hello geeks, hipsters, studiers, ballers, and bitches! I am Kristy, an unconventional bon vivant with cute curves, flirty glances, and the marketing savvy to capitalize on it! Yeah sure, I went to college, but that shit was boring! My fierce independence coupled with my sharp creativity has driven me into the sexy new wave generation of freelance modeling. For the last three years, I have been travelling the world and booking paid photo shoots with artists, collectors, content creators, photography workshops, and other independent folks of the like.
My life is like one big sexy adventure! I get to experience a rainbow of colorful personalities everywhere I go, most are friendly and a few are scary! I have a blog where I showcase my pics and vids and stuff for those of you who are interested:

Name: Kristy Jessica
Current City: San Diego, CA
School: LA College International
Height: 5’2
Weight: 101lbs
Measurements: 33-24-34
Here is our interview with Kristy
CD: Where are you originally from?
Seattle, Wa, born and raised!

CD: Which school do/did you attend??
I started out in private Christian school, then transferred to Issaquah High School. I then enrolled in LA College International.

CD: What do you like the most at school?
I like to be creative 🙂

Rebel 2
CD: Sorority life?
Psh I never joined a sorority!

CD: What is/was your major?
Business Communication

CD: Are you involved in any sports or extra curricular activities?
I was a sprinter in track and field! Some other extracurricular activities I joined were hacky sack club, guitar, and “The Yard”.

CD: What was your favorite class?
English, I had a hott teacher!

CD: What do you want to be when you “grow up”?
I don’t think that’s going to happen….


CD: What kind of mischief did you get into growing up?
Spent lots of time heavily drinking, learned my lesson the hard way there! I used to cruise around town playing “ding-dong-ditch”, prank calling people, and and hanging around bonfires. Once I turned 21 I became a connoisseur of local rock shows at dive bars, and became the mother figure for a grunge cult party house called “The Yard” (as referenced in “extracurricular activities above)

CD: How would you describe yourself? Geek, homebody or party girl?
I love to sing, dance, and model, but now I lay off the booze, couldn’t handle my shit! So I guess I’m a party girl/geek hybrid.

CD: Any wild stories?
I think the wildest thing I ever did was jump out of a tree into a shallow river, the river won!

CD: What’s your guilty pleasure?
Pictures of my butt…

CD: What was your favorite late night study snack?
Top Ramen!!! If I was especially lazy, I would just chew on it straight out of the bag.

Kristy 5

CD: What was the craziest thing you have done in college?
Well it wasn’t exactly in college, but at the Yard we used to have this tradition where when some drunk guy puked/ pissed on/ or otherwise defamed one of our couches, we would pack it into a truck, get a gallon of gasoline, and take it somewhere to burn it! Don’t believe me? Watch the video at the end! 😉

CD: Did you ever have a crush on on of your professors?

CD: What’s your favorite body part on yourself?
It’s a toss up between my booty and my blue eyes

CD: What’s your least favorite body part on yourself?
Hmm… my toes because they’re the first thing to go numb when I am skiing!

CD: What do you look for in a guy?
He has to treat me like an equal human being, I like to joke and appreciate someone who has faith in me too!

CD: What’s the first thing you notice about a guy?
Nice arms, not huge arms, but manly ones!

CD: What’s your ideal first date?
I’m impatient, and naughty, so a good first date has to be at least “R” rated 😉

CD: What turns you on?
Eye contact, piercing eye contact…
Kristy 3

CD: What turns you off?
When someone can’t take a joke!

CD: What’s your biggest pet peeve?
When a guy asks if he can put his keys in my purse, NO dude that’s my sacred leather princess satchel!!!

CD: What do you usually wear to bed?
Nothing, I’m a nudist.

CD: What would we be surprised to know about you?
Outside of being a full time travelling model, I am also a filmmaker! My film is a documentary about freelance models, you can see some uncut footage here:


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i love college dose