Furious Wife Strips Mistress After Catching Husband Cheating On Her At Airport

A jilted Chinese woman who happened to run into her husband with his mistress at the airport has been caught on film as she angrily attacked the homewrecker. Their brawl quickly turns bizarre as the wife seemingly tries to tear off the other woman’s clothes.

The clip was filmed by a bystander at Wenzhou Longwan International Airport, capturing the scene where the wife had already pounced on the unsuspecting mistress. The wife, wearing a white T-shirt and black pants, can be seen grappling with the mistress, who wears a revealing black top and a tight red skirt.

The two-timing husband desperately tries to break up the feud, but he cannot get his wife to release her iron grip on the mistress’s arm and shirt. Furious, the wife then grabs a fistful of the mistress’s hair and begins to yank her around, causing her to lose her balance. As they struggle, the mistress’s blouse nearly comes off, but a bystander manages to grab it and pull it down just in time.

While many would argue that the husband and mistress are at fault in the situation, several online commenters have blamed the wife. “Smart woman does not fight a mistress. There is a visible reason for her to lose her man. Do not blame the mistress, blame yourself,” one user quipped.

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