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Carol Lisherness

The University of Texas has produced some gorgeous women over the years and 2011 graduate Carol Lisherness is certainly no exception. Not only is this woman gorgeous, that much is apparent, she also has some brains as she graduated with a degree in advertising and a Business Foundations Certificate. But hey, back to modeling… Last year she represented Havana, Cuba at the Swimsuit USA International Model Search in Cancun, Mexico and hopes to return there again this year. When she’s not working promotions for the Mississippi Gulf Coast BudGirl Team or doing photo shoots (many of which you can see on her Facebook and Twitter pages), she enjoys reading and working on her arts and crafts. Did I mention she is also an Air Force wife? Very cool. And that’s why we have deemed Carol Lisherness to be a undisputable “one to watch.”

School: The University of Texas at Austin | City: Vacaville, California | Height: 5’4 | Measurements: 32B-26-38
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Here is our interview with Carol

CD: Where are you originally from?
I was born in Houston, TX but raised in Katy, Texas!

Carol 5

CD: Which school do/did you attend??
I went to Katy High School and then I went on to The University of Texas at Austin!

CD: What do you like the most about College Life?
Austin was a real outdoorsy city. Lots to do! I also like that it was kind of a small city, for such a huge college town!

CD: Sorority life?
Nope. I didn’t see the need to pay for friends :p

CD: What is/was your major?
I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and a Business Foundations Certificate, which is essentially a business minor.

CD: Are you involved in any sports or extra curricular activities?
I was very active in the UT Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. I was even awarded for being the most active volunteer!

CD: What was your favorite class?
My favorite class was Intro to Psychology! I liked being able to pick at people’s psyche and understand why they did certain things.
It was a shame that I didn’t pursue it as a major, I really enjoyed it!

Carol 3

CD: What do you want to be when you “grow up”?
That’s a tough question. It seems that I’m already “grown up” and I still don’t know what I want to do!
For now, I aspire to be a professional model. If that doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll focus on finding a career in my field of study!

CD: What kind of mischief did you get into growing up?
Honestly, I didn’t have as much fun as I should have growing up; I was always too scared of getting in trouble!
I never snuck out of the house or had any parties when my parents left me home alone.. I guess I was just a goody-goody growing up!

CD: How would you describe yourself? Geek, homebody or party girl?
I would definitely describe myself as a homebody. I just love watching TV or reading a book cuddled up on my couch!
I have to force myself to be social sometimes. That’s why I like modeling and promotional work: it helps me step out of my comfort zone and be more social!

CD: Any wild stories?
Besides sneaking into my college boyfriend’s dorm room at night, sneaking him into my dorm room, and maybe getting it on in public college restrooms and a friend’s Mustang.. nope :p

CD: What’s your guilty pleasure?
I love indulging in dark chocolate! And coffee!

CD: What was your favorite late night study snack?
We had this awesome 24/7 donut shop off The Drag (Guadalupe St.) at UT called Ken’s Donuts. OMG best and cheapest donuts ever!!
The owners also made homemade samosas which were TO DIE FOR! I miss that place!

Carol 4
CD: What was the craziest thing you have done in college?
I’m lame, I can’t think of anything wild and crazy. I never went on spring break until AFTER college, and even then I was working for Monster Energy and didn’t drink lol!

CD: Did you ever have a crush on on of your professors?
None of my college professors were ever cute enough to have a crush on 🙁
I take that back, maybe my young and intriguing Intro to Psychology professor. I totally added him on Facebook!

CD: What’s your favorite body part on yourself?
My favorite body part would have to be my tummy. It’s pretty toned! And I LOVE my belly button ring. It’s my favorite piercing!

CD: What’s your least favorite body part on yourself?
My least favorite body part I guess would have to be my thighs. I really need to work on toning up!

CD: What do you look for in a guy?
The hardest qualities to find in a man these days is honesty and chivalry; The art of being a gentleman has died and it’s a damn shame.

CD: What’s the first thing you notice about a guy?
If he looks like Channing Tatum or not. Kidding. I guess his eyes and smile.

CD: What’s your ideal first date?
Take me to a local, hometown event or some unique outdoorsy spot. I also love hole in the wall restaurants! They have the best food!

CD: What turns you on?
I love it when a man takes charge and control; show me that passion, like you can’t control yourself!

CD: What turns you off?
Arrogance and cockiness is the biggest turn off. If you’re too into yourself and it takes you longer to get ready than me, we have a problem lol! Men need to be low maintenance.

CD: What’s your biggest pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve is when my taco or burrito falls apart.. just kidding. Seriously though: slow drivers in the fast lane (or any lane really).
I also don’t like it when people can’t take no for an answer. I hate being mean so the 1st time I say no, just drop it. Badgering me won’t make me change my mind, it’ll just bring out the bitch in me.

CD: What do you usually wear to bed?
Nothing 😉 Just kidding. Undies and a t-shirt or tank. I don’t really own pjs..

CD: What would we be surprised to know about you?
I have an enormous obsession with Transformers. My car is yellow and it’s decked out in Autobot gear. I also have a bunch of Transformers toys scattered around my apartment and car.
It’s so bad that one time in Vegas I got really drunk and made out with a guy in a Transformer’s Bumblebee costume. Ok well maybe we didn’t make out, but we did kiss. I have picture evidence! AUTOBOTS ROLL OUT!



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