Call The Police If You Observe Someone’s Palm With A Black Dot On It

A social media campaign offering a simple way for victims of domestic abuse to ask for help has gone viral online.

The Black Dot Campaign encourages those subject to domestic violence to draw a simple black dot on the palm of their hands as a sign to alert others to their situation.

This campaign has reportedly helped 49 women to leave abusive relationships. However, people claim it could potentially do more harm than good.

Some people believe that if the dot starts to be recognised by perpetrators, it could risk making situations worse for victims.

For that reason, the official Facebook page –which had over 40,000 likes– has been closed.

The original aim of the campaign was for family and friends to see the black dot on the hand of a victim and arrange for professional intervention.

The anonymous founder of the campaign decided to create it because he/she also experienced emotional, physical and sexual abuse in his/her relationship.


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